Friday, September 16, 2011

32nd Manila International Book Fair

Finally, after so many years of wanting to go to this Book Fair, I was able to yesterday.  I went with a high school friend who happened to be free but is uber camera shy. Boo!

Gosh ... the feeling of seeing so many books is just pure heaven. The smell of books ... the touch ... the texture ... and the fact that there are so many information in there that is just  waiting to be learned, read, explored is such an overkill. I couldn't help but smile like a fool while we were inside.

My friend on the other hand looked baffled. He couldn't understand the fascination I had with books. He doesn't read so he didn't get it. I think he found me weird and likewise, I found him weird too for not loving reading.

Still ... I am grateful because he got me this even though he kept laughing the entire time on my choice of a book. You see, I only bought one book and it was this.

I liked it and I loved Lola Basyang when I was young. I still love her now.

Also, here's one of the few things that made me smile.
if only all boys would get into reading ... 
I'm very happy that I was able to attend this convention. I hope to be able to attend more.

Truly, I am one happy bookworm.

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