Monday, September 19, 2011

J and K

The two of us, we're kind of inseparable in the office. It drives our boss nuts. He's always finding ways and means to put the two of us apart, making sure that when he does the seating arrangement, one is on the far corner of the other.

After a year, he's finally given up. He realized that no matter how much distance he places between us, what J and I have is for keeps.

She sought me out when she was new to the team. I normally kept to myself and would not eat with anyone else. I wasn't being a snob. Seriously. I was just wary of people. I've been burned so many times that I found it hard to make new friends because the betrayal of so many others are still fresh on my mind.

Still, she managed to get under my skin until I realized, she was someone I already cared for. She has been my rock at work, the one person who manages to stabilize my psycho mind and tolerate my unending quest for true love amidst the 3 men who have passed by since we became friends September of last year.

She has seen me cry and she has cried for me. She has wanted to share my pain and for that, I am eternally grateful. She is younger than I am but in a lot of ways, she's the older sister that I never had. She calms me.

J, I may never have thanked you enough but I want you to know that you are one of life's treasures that I am truly grateful for. You are one of the things that make work more bearable.

Happy birthday beks! I hope that you find the happiness and peace that you so deserve. I am just here for you; flaky as I am ... I WILL  be there for you when you need me ... and even when you don't.

I love you beks!

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