Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pho 24

I've never tried Vietnamese food. After the meeting that the Pex Film Club had, we decided to head over to Pho 24 (the only restaurant that I haven't tried at the Ayala Triangle strip) and give it a shot.

I'm glad we ate there because I just about fell in love with Vietnamese food.

shrimp stick
fresh spring rolls

It was really good. It tasted of vegetables and freshness as well as celery. It was just heaven for me. I love how the moment it touches my tongue, it just tasted of sheer freshness. I love it!

I also had a taste of Vietnamese coffee and I just had to try it, both hot and cold.

Best of all, I was with great people.



  1. Hmmm. Haven't really tried any Vietnamese cuisine. Will consider the next time.

    We have the Vietnamese coffee here in the office. Just don't have the 'machinery' to process it. LOL!

  2. glad you did! isn't it one of the healthiest? I'l try this one since I frequent Pho Hoa for my Viet cravings. thanks for sharing, Kay! :)

  3. Hahahaha ... its really just dripped coffee and condensed milk combined in one. :)

    Do try it tapos lemme know ha?

  4. @ skullgirl ... I'll try that one next time :)

  5. My wife is Vietnamese so I've had my share of Vietnamese food. But I don't really like it.


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