Sunday, September 11, 2011

dear heart ...

3 years later and he still manages to hurt you huh? 3 years have passed and it feels like it was just yesterday. Why is it that he still manages to hurt you after all these years? Why is it that tears still fall freely on my face? He shouldn't be able to hurt us anymore heart. He shouldn't.

Its been 3 years ... its been 3 long years.

I wasn't expecting it to hurt but it did. I felt like I was stabbed in the heart when I held the paper in my hand. Its different when I actually held the proof in my hand. It's like being slapped in the face with the truth. There was no denying it anymore.

I am the biggest fool. 

I was the biggest fool for you and you just played me like I was a rag doll who had no feelings. I fell in love with you and you took my love and abused it like there were no feelings that would be hurt.

Heart, this is how he treated us. We were nothing to him. We were trash ... not even things to be treasured. He discarded us just like that. Why are you still hurting? Why does it hurt until now?

I should be happy heart. I should be. Finally, I will be free of him in every way possible. Finally, I will be me again. I should be happy ... and I know that I will be ... but for now ...

I will mourn ... for I am indeed the biggest fool.


  1. They say we never get over the pain...we just get used to it. I guess it depends. In your case, maybe he really has made an impact in your life, that's why it's difficult to forgive and forget. I don't know what else to say... Just mourn for now, if you feel like it. Things should turn out better for you. You deserve only the best things in life.

  2. I agree with Pepper. Mourn for now and then forget.

  3. Give yourself a period to grieve but dont over-extend your stay. Like a guest in the hotel of life, linger for a bit but dont forget to check out and go on with your life. :)

    Who knows, the next hotel you check yourself in might be it! Hehe, mwah!


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