Saturday, September 17, 2011

I would run away ...

I was on a dating spree for some time and I got fat. Yep, I got fat. BOO! As with anyone who has been reading my blog (the very few but treasured readers, followers [super love you all!], stalkers, and lurkers) you would have noticed I've been featuring restos left and right. Honestly, there were a lot more that I did not even feature.

So, going back ... I got fat. I'm not even exaggerating. I've been wearing dresses lately and its not because I have a date or what have you but simply because, my slacks would not fit me. Wahhhh! FAIL!

So what's a girl got to do when she gets fat and unceremoniously dumped by a non boyfriend through being unfriended on facebook (this is another blog entry all together in the far distant future when I can just laugh at this situation)?

I jog. Yes, I jog. I jog so that my mind can focus on the physical pain of my muscles screaming bloody murder that I dared to make them move at a pace they are not accustomed to. I jog to block unwanted and unnecessary thoughts in my head. I jog, to run away from problems in a good way. I jog.

So for a very long time starting today, I will be jogging ... I will be running away. I will run away and be better ... smarter ... thinner (I hope) and just be on my own. I am choosing to be on my own for real now. No more dates, no more men, no more love.

I am running away from love.


  1. cheers to a healthier lifestyle! welcome to the club! :)

  2. Waaahhh! don't run away from love, Kay! All hope is not lost...

  3. @ skullgirl: thanks! sana tuloy tuloy na to

    @ pepper: kelangan e. wawa naman heart ko


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