Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeah Write # 1

“Write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object you use on a daily basis.”

      Hey you! Yes you! Here you are again ... wanting to use me and not let me rest. What is it with you people? Do you not think that I need to rest? I'm tired. Oh, you are bored? You want to be amused? Oh, you are heartbroken and need to vent your feelings?  Oh, you want to stay in touch with friends and find out what's happening? Yeah yeah yeah ... it's always about you. 

     What about me? What about my feelings? What if I too am bored or want to rest? Oh ... you don't care. I figured. What am I anyway? I'm just another thing that you bought and can replace at any time. Sorry about that. 

     Go ahead ... use me. You always do anyway. It's not like I have feelings. 

*** the lamentings of an overused PC 

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