Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bon Chon festival

This is what it feels like for me since out of a total of 4 working days, twice, I ate at Bon Chon. Both times were with friends and I relish the moments spent catching up and just plain talking over a wonderful piece of chicken.

Does it not look yummy? It is oh so yummy. Addictingly yummy. Crazy yummy. I honestly think I can finish one dozen. In fact, that is part of my plan. One day, I will go there and order a dozen and eat it all by myself. *huggles*

I like that even when there is barely time, we manage to find time to  bond and talk. Thanks Janina for tolerating my crazy woes and blues.


  1. It does look yummy.... Wonder if there's a Bon Chon here in Cebu???


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