Friday, February 11, 2011

notting hill moment ...

The first time we went here ... we just talked. We talked for four hours. We talked about a multitude of things and we laughed and talked. We like doing that I noticed. We talk ... you and I, we talk.

The second time we went here ... I was mad at you. I wanted to scream at you and yell at you for you were such an insensitive creature, or so I thought. I kept to myself while we sat on the bench and you kept to your side of the bench as well. We were so near and yet so far ... a bull could have sat between us and would have been comfortable. I was that pissed and you said that you were that scared because I was pissed.

We still talked but it wasn't the way we used to talk. I was cold and you were precocious. The whole time one thing was running on my mind.

"Am  I ready to give up on the possibility of us?" 

After an hour or so ... I realized that I wasn't and so I held out my hand and you took it in yours. I felt at home. I felt that things were back to the way it was supposed to be ... and we had our notting hill moment and the thought of it still makes me smile.

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