Saturday, February 12, 2011

Momo Cafe

Today, I had the chance to eat at a restaurant called Momo Cafe with my good friend, Janina. She was actually the one who spotted the place and suggested we try it out. Kudos to that because by the end of the lunch, we were so full that we had a hard time walking back to the office. LOL.

Here is what it looks like ...

and here is the table setting ...

and of course the food ... the seafood casserole is worth every peso because it is fresh, creamy, chewy, and tasty. IT ROCKS!

Janina and I were not  able to finish it. Seriously. We tried but I think we left about 4 spoonfuls. Haha.


Momo Cafe is located at Ayala Triangle.
Price Range is P250 - 500 per dish but its for sharing.


  1. Wow! Where is that Momo Cafe located, Ms. Kay? That sure looks yummy!

    And how about the price? Hahaha. :D

  2. I edited my entry to answer your question. =)

  3. that seafood casserole looks tasty :)

  4. I see. That sounds reasonable enough. :)

  5. mmmmmmm interesting, masubukan nga :)

  6. Oooh Momo. We used to frequent the Midtown branch when we were in college (over a year ago). It's sad that particular store closed, it's the nearest one from our place. Anyway, did you try their coffee? Cafe Mocha is the best! They serve their coffees with choc-nut, ang cute :)

  7. mukhang masarap a. kelangang bisitahin ko din to :-)

  8. Looks like a classy yet affordable place. I work in Makati as well, mabisita nga minsan, ok na yung price range, with nice food and ambiance


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