Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Affirmations # 4

In a world where love supposedly makes the world go round, people seem to thrive most and are able to be more productive when someone goes through a downfall or a heartache. Ironic isn't it? People would tell you when you want to lose weight that its hard or impossible ... or they would say why do you want to be single when being in a relationship is the way to go ... or that you are crazy when you want to pursue a different thing from the one you are normally used to.

People would always say it's impossible or you can't do it. Don't they realize that ...


So go out there and tell people, "Watch me do it!" because you can. No one can tell you that you cannot do it or that you don't have what it takes. NO ONE. The only person who can stop you is you. Why would you let you keep yourself down?

So go ahead, say it ... "WATCH ME do it!"

I'll be watching and waiting for YOU to succeed.


  1. Happy Heart's Day Kay! May you succeed in every possible way!

  2. this is great affirmation, kay. love it! i'm facing a very challenging week at work and i need all the courage in the world to get thru this week.

    happy vday!

  3. WATCH ME!!!

    Tomorrow I will have a job offer. hihih

  4. Someone told me once, "Know your limitations, but don't let your limitations limit you."

    Happy Valentine's! :)

  5. Happy hearts day everyone! And thanks for the positive thoughts. I so need it today. Seriously.


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