Sunday, February 6, 2011

munimuni # 59

This week started out on quite a sour note for me. Complications and getting held up were not the best way to start the week but it also helped me realize once again a lot of things about myself.

I am fragile but this fragile girl is now learning to be a stronger woman. I may fall still but I easily get up unlike before. I may be not as strong as I should be but I am a lot stronger.

Also, this week, my brother graduated from college and I am writing more. I think both are achievements because now, there are 3 of us who have graduated and finished school. I know that my parents are  very happy and proud. My Mom shows it but since my Dad is a Tiger Dad, he just smiles. LOL.

I'm also very happy that I am writing more now. Yes, I have been writing but now I have found some online tools that helps me really write not just about personal stuff but simply squeezing the pulpy juices that is my brain.

I've also been listening to more music ... where words fail, music speaks.

Happy weekend!

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