Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Affirmations # 5

Today, start your day by remembering the best things in life that are FREE ... 
Here's my list ... 

1. a  text that says hey from that someone special 
2. hanging out with friends and talking about nothing and everything
3. a hug and kiss from my son 
4. seeing a friend after a long time 
5. spending time with family 
6. being told that you look good by someone who matters 
7. losing 3 lbs in one week ... YEY! 
8. listening to good music 
9. GLEE! 
10. a tight hug from someone ... 
11. a good book ... 
12. colored pencils and pen 
13. coffee coffee coffee 
14. shoes that look good and fit well .... 

What are the things that make you smile? 


  1. Get away from stress.
    Do what you love the most
    Live life the fullest.
    Enough Said. :-)


  2. Another's smile makes me smile:)
    It is really wonderful how ordinary people have extraordinary lives. Simplicity at its best! Go Ate Kay!

  3. 1. A nice techno/club/dance track
    2. Spending weekends by the beach
    3. Family, friends, and dogs
    4. Wifey and Bebe
    5. A&W Rootbeer Float
    6. Luckystrike cigarettes

  4. - When my kids kiss and hug me for no reason at all.
    - When my wife kisses and hugs me for no reason at all.
    - Star Wars books, comics or other memorabilia that I see on sale :)

  5. nahinto ung mundo ko, when I read "what are the things that make you smile?" ..
    i can't remember anything. :(

    feel free to visit my site..

  6. definitely simple things, well even dreams, are free. just remembered a quote from the movie Detroit Metal City, it's free to dream, it costs nothing... (well, something like that)

  7. Daily Clients :) Ang kukulit kasi nila e lalo na pag may edad na hehehe :p

  8. Make me smile?
    Nakakakilig na mga eksena...hahahah

  9. very nice responses guys ... thanks!


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