Friday, February 4, 2011

its the little things

It's not the grand gestures that most people would remember. Yes, sure, the big things, the declaration of love are remembered but it is the small things that people would think of when they are sitting alone on their desk and a flash of memory comes by. It will always be the small things in  life. And so, right now, I am sitting on our dining table and here are the random small things that I remember about the men who have passed by in my life ... or even the one who is in it now.
  • MU catching me when I almost fell from the chair as I was decorating our classroom board. 
  • JM singing "When You Say Nothing at All" to me
  • KM giving me a kiss on the lips at the end of the movie Notting Hill and the snowglobe on our first month.
  • ES whispering the lines of "Say It" to me while we try not to sleep to finish my project
  • CC picking me up at Columns when I was a wreck and letting me sleep in the car while he took me home and me leaving the car without saying anything the entire time except "thank you."
  • RS serenading me with "To Be With You" in the car. 
  • RS going all the way from Antipolo to Binondo to give me a teeny tiny flower. It's still with me. 
  • L and his little surprises that I did appreciate contrary to popular belief. 
  • Park conversations with K. 
These are the things that truly matter. It's not the big bouquet, not the exclusivity of being able to eat at a resto that has been closed so you would have privacy, nor the grandiose expressions of love. It's in the rose petals, the EFFORT to be with you, to SPEND TIME with you ... its in that.

When you love someone, you will MAKE TIME. Its in the small things ... the ones that you can't put a price on.


    1. hi! found the link to your site thru PEX.

      I like the way you write, sincere and direct. will com back and browse even more. :)

      thanks also for adding my link to your sidebar. will do the same. keep on blogging! :)

    2. "When you love someone, you will MAKE TIME. Its in the small things ... the ones that you can't put a price on..." this is prolly my favorite line. I totally agree coz I am like that. I can't remember letting anything, big or small, get in the way between me and the one I love.

    3. thanks for the compliments. I write what I think ... literally. I do not filter.


    Hi! Let's all try to add more positivity in this world and adhere to the saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say, keep silent."

    Showering you with unicorn poop so you'd always stay magical! Heart heart!