Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wifely Steps Journal Contest

One of my favorite bloggers, Toni, is holding a contest to celebrate her 5th year wedding anniversary to H. She decided that she will be giving away journals and some other stuff to commemorate it as well. Rules are below.

1. Write about your favorite Wifely Steps entry in your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, why not create one now? )
2. Link back to http://wifelysteps.com/.
3. Leave a comment in this entry, leading to your post.

One of my favorite post was the let's have tea together post. It was just really relaxing and the message behind the post was something that really made me think hours after I've read it. It was just so poignant. If you are in the mood for some really good reads, head over to Wifely Steps. You won't regret it.
*** For those interested to help in the Sichuan Earthquake, please see this.


  1. Wow ang bilis mo! :)

    Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed that Tea Post. It was also a very relaxing moment when I was sipping the tea, and writing the entry as well.

    Thanks for joining the contest!

  2. Hi Kay. I think I met you through Toni's blog. It's nice to have common connections.


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