Friday, May 9, 2008

7 things to heaven or hell

We had a meeting the other day to discuss any open item that there was in the office. Facilitator was one of the big bosses and he was asked this question. How do you strike a work-life balance? See, our company is known as one of those companies that would own you. Yes, the pay is really good and the benefits are amazing but people would always say that the company would own you. You will not have any other life except work.

I refused to believe that and its been 2 months that I've been here and I''m happy to say that I've rendered a long OT only once and 3 minor ones (an hour.) I make it a point to go home on the dot and finish what I need to in the 9 hours allotted to me.

Going back to the officer, I wondered how he would respond since he is a known workaholic who is still online and working 7 hours after his shift. What he answered has been on my mind ever since.

He said that at this stage in his life, he did not really need the quantity of time anymore but the quality. And so, to make sure that this happens despite his crazy schedule, there are 7 things that he does to keep the peace in the family going. If he doesn't do all 7 in a week, then he will be punished. Here are his 7 things.
  • go to church every Thursday and Sunday
  • spend two hours a week playing solely with his son
  • spend one morning with his wife having breakfast (just the two of them)
  • spend Saturday at the Village Market and have lunch with his family ther
  • have breakfast with his family's son and take a stroll in the park after
  • have dinner with his family and not bring his blackberry
  • go home at 8am once a week
Pretty cool huh? It may seem little but if during those times, he focuses on his family only, I know that I'll be happy with that as well. I wish more men would be like this.

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