Wednesday, May 28, 2008

skydiving without a parachute

I read in another blog how people are into lists and all and I realized, "Hey! I'm one of those people." So here is my first list which was inspired by an IM conversation earlier in the day. A friend of mine was trying to think of ways to make a girl fall in love with him and he kind of wanted to make sure that whatever he has planned will work. This is sheer perseverance so I thought might as well help him out right?

Here goes. Oh, if you have anything to add to the list, please let me know.

1) Smile everytime you see the person. It warms the heart and you want the other person to associate you with happiness, not gloom and doom.

2) Compliment. It works wonder when said with sincerity.

3) Flowers wouldn't hurt or getting something that you know the other person really likes, craves, wishes for, or collects (this part needs some serious research.)

4) Surprise her; in a good way of course, not the stalker kind of way or creepy mister following her wherever she is. This would surely send her running in the opposite direction.

5) Get her her comfort food when she feels stressed or sad. That would show you really care.

6) Go out of your way. Get out of your comfort zone. This will show you are willing to try new things and will keep her interested.

So there. That's all I can think of for now. Happy falling!
*** Just make sure someone catches you. It could be messy otherwise.


  1. add make her smile and make her laugh, make her forget her problems even for just a moment... so that she knows where she can find refuge when she needs to hide/escape from all her worries...

  2. This is tricky. I'm not sure you can make somone fall in love with you. You can do things to make someone like you. But I'm not sure above falling in love.

  3. I agree, never underestimate the power of a lovely smile.


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