Thursday, May 1, 2008

the best thing about being a Mom

The best thing about being a Mom is that you are not just a Mom. You are the light in your child's life. You will be the one to guide him and ensure that he knows what is right from wrong. You are his teacher. You will be the one to show him what life is all about and how to survive in the real world. You are his companion. You will be there for him when he discovers new things and share in his excitement about the wonders of Mother Nature. You are his buddy. You will be the one he can share secrets with and tell his hops and dreams. You are his safe haven. When no one else understands him and he feels that life has cheated him, you will be there to lend your shoulder to cry on and help him stand up once more. You are his talent manager. You will nurture his skills and let him grow up to be what he is meant to be. You will nourish his passion and allow him to be fickle minded until he finds out what his desires are. You are his pillow and blanket at night. When something frightens him, you will be the one he will run to and expect to banish the monster under the bed. You are Superman. You will be the one to look for that missing ball in that 1 acre of land he was playing in. You will use your Bionic eyes just to find it. You are his worst enemy. You will make sure that he is in line and does not fall into the bottomless pit of alcohol and drugs. You are his best friend. You will cover for him when needed but you will also tell him what he did wrong and that it won’t fly in the future.

We are a lot of things for our child. We can be anything that our child needs us to be. We are not just Mommy or Nanay or Inay. This is the best thing about being a Mom.

* contest from this free mother's day photo session contest of ging lorenzo.


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