Saturday, May 17, 2008

measurement of success

Just finished a conversation with my Mother. She really is a strong woman. I cannot believe how she lasted 29 years with my psychopath of a father. Anyway, she and I were talking about one of the conovoluted ideas that my father has of success. For my Dad, success is when you are so rich that you can afford to buy what you want and still have more than enough money in the bank.

I don't agree. I know some people will agree and they probably have their reasons but I disagree for the following reasons. Money is a huge deal. I will admit that. Still, money is not so huge as to be the end all and be all of things. Money just can't cut it.

Success for me is when you die, there will be people who would say that you made a difference in their life. Success for me is when you are gone, people will miss you for you, not for what you have given them or the money you hand out when they visit you.

Sure, they may need you but they need you for the wrong reasons. That just isn't good enough. Success is more than the material things that someone can own. Sure, it would be really nice to have what you want in a whim but nothing beats working hard for something. The achievement that you feel when you finally get it tops everything.

I feel sad for him. I feel sad for him coz he will never be happy. Yes, he may have a nice car, millions in the bank, a company that's the best in this continent ... but at the end of the day, when people are getting ready for bed to go to sleep ... there will be no one there for him. There will be no one to tuck him in, to lay down beside him, or even to ask him how his day was. At the end of the day, the success that he so much treasures can be a very lonely companion.

I call that a failure.


  1. My dad is far from being a great dady, but he's the opposite of your dad. He has to save, save, save. He doesn't like to spend money.

  2. I agree, having all the material things that you want doesn't make sense if at the end of the day no one's gonna be beside you.

  3. I'm thinking a successful career can be one factor for success. But I still consider being able to raise a wonderful, god-fearing child is the ultimate measure to success. BTW, I got a tag for you.


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