Sunday, May 4, 2008

guilty as charged

Yesterday, some of my coworkers and I decided to have coffee after our shift. It was a bit of a grueling weekend and so we all decided that we deserved a break. So we were there and we were all having a laugh when I felt the need to pee. So I told them that I would be leaving my backpack and other stuff since it was too heavy to lug around (what with the laptop and executive notebopk.) Upon coming back, they were all laughing and then one said. "Kay, how come you have rolls of small tissues here?"

So there. I was busted. The truth was laid on the table.

I am a hoarder. Yes, you read that right. I am a true blue hoarder. I am pretty sure that its not just Filipinos who do it since I read in other blogs and money saving tips that you can save by hoarding. What do I mean about this? Well, let me give you a scenario.

Say I was at McDonald's and I order a meal. It comes with french fries and 2 packets of ketchup. I would always ask for 2 more and then I would take home the 3 that I have.Why??? Well, I can make use of it at home. This is especially wonderful during celebrations at home. Instead of the ketchup bottle or holder going around in circles, one guest forever lost trying to get to it, they can all just go through my hoarding basket and get a packet.

Pretty smart huh? Hehe ... and I know of a lot of people who do the same, including men. In fact, I had a male coworker before who had soy sauce packets, calamansi packets, sweet and sour packets, sugar, and ketchup in a plastic container. When we asked him what it was for, he said that it was more convenient and it saves money.

So, are you guilty of hoarding too?


  1. Thanks for the comment about Dao Thi Lai Kay! Hope all is well. I've been a bit busy around here, promise I'll be back to read the other posts.

  2. I go for the napkins. You can alway use them later. I use to grab the ketchup, but we ended up with too many packets at home.

  3. You can never have too many ketchup. Lol!

  4. I keep the spare napkins because I know I can use them.


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