totally Zen ...

I was exchanging SMS with a girl friend earlier today on  my way home when she made a comment that caught my attention. She said to me that I seem so centered nowadays. She said that I was not constantly wanting, not constantly lacking, not constantly needing, and not constantly giving. She said that still waters run deep and I guess that the past few weeks have taught me that.

I used to pour my heart out and want the world to hear me out but lately (I guess I am maturing) I have learned to just keep it within. Instead of being down, I appreciate what I have. Instead of pining for friends whom I have lost, I made new friends (yes, angel, I'm referring to you.) Instead of wanting, demanding, desiring, needing ... I am giving, sharing, and letting things flow.

I have spent a lot of time with my family and have bonded over movies and songs with my sister and son. I have spent time talking with my Mom and my Dad and I just feel really connected to them.

I am centered because my family is my center. I am Zen because as long as they are behind me and supporting me, I will be at peace.

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