just breathe ...

Today, I woke up with a bad start. It seems the flight I booked last week did not go through. ^&*%&$*#&#. Yep. So at 530am, I was online booking a flight for tonight. Now, I need to find someone to go with me since I need to pick her up at 12midnight. Yep. 12 midnight. Sheesh.

So today, I need to remind myself to "just breathe." I need to remind myself this when I am falling asleep since I have had 3 hours of sleep, when my patience is dying since I have no sleep, and when I am lost later on the way to the airport and most likely have encountered a minimum of 5 freaks.

Just breathe.

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  1. Relax, clear your mind, count to ten...works for me :)

  2. hiding under a rock works better for me