a glance at yesterday ...

Last February, I remember going out with someone I thought I  loved and cared for but having a moment of self doubt. I was with him but deep inside, I remember thinking, is this it? Is there nothing more?

My inner self was alerting me at that time that there  was something  wrong but I chose to ignore it. I thought I knew better and so I went through months of self loathing, over analyzing, and dissecting every single word, movement, and thought he made. In short, I went through hell for a guy that was not worth it.

12 months later and 9 months of being single, I took a glance at my past and realize that I have grown up so much. I am no longer neurotic and dissecting every single move, nonmove, text, nontext, and what have you a guy makes. I am no longer waiting patiently or impatiently for a guy to text me or call me. I am no longer stopping my life for a guy.

12 months later and I'm realizing that a guy is luck to have me in his life ... to have me shine my light on him. If he can't realize that, then he is a waste of time and space. 12 months later, I can finally look back and realize that I have grown so much.

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