Bon Chon festival

This is what it feels like for me since out of a total of 4 working days, twice, I ate at Bon Chon. Both times were with friends and I relish the moments spent catching up and just plain talking over a wonderful piece of chicken.

Does it not look yummy? It is oh so yummy. Addictingly yummy. Crazy yummy. I honestly think I can finish one dozen. In fact, that is part of my plan. One day, I will go there and order a dozen and eat it all by myself. *huggles*

I like that even when there is barely time, we manage to find time to  bond and talk. Thanks Janina for tolerating my crazy woes and blues.

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  1. It does look yummy.... Wonder if there's a Bon Chon here in Cebu???

  2. I think there's none for now.