Monday, July 12, 2021

Salmon HQ's Sushi Cake, a Taste of Decadence

Have you ever had a slice of raw salmon simply melt in your mouth? If you had, you'd know that this is one of the most palatable experiences in the world when it comes to consuming food. The freshness of the salmon, the way it just plays around inside your mouth then melts, and the healthy nutrients that go with it are just so good that there's nothing quite like it.

Enter Salmon HQ's Salmon Sushi Cake.

Just one look and you know that everything is premium from top to bottom. This premium salmon sushi cake comes surrounded by 3 kinds of Maki. This also comes packed in a round gold cake box, giving it a luxurious & celebratory feeling. It's guaranteed to make anyone who receives this feel EXTRA special. 

It also comes in medium size if this one is too big. 

This is what it looks like when viewed from the top. Isn't it sinfully delicious? You can just taste how good the salmon is. 

I'm looking at it and I'm salivating again. 

If you ever want to make someone feel extra special or you just want to try something decadent and have that Heart Evangelista feels at home, this premium sushi cake from Salmon HQ is definitely something that you need to have during your weekend celebrations, birthdays, or "I deserve this!" moments. Trust me. One bite and you'd be like, "this is what life is all about. Great food, instagrammable, and definitely worth every bite."

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