Thursday, July 1, 2021

3 Reasons Why Your Man Needs a Heart Check

And it's not because he may be stepping out on you. We are talking about an actual physical heart checkup in this article.  You see, a lot of men choose not to get a checkup until they actually feel something is wrong and by then, it's almost always too late. 

Men see checkups as being weak and since they are groomed to be strong, they will refuse to have a checkup unless they absolutely must. With the current situation, men have even more reasons to not get that heart check. However, this can be truly detrimental to their well-being. 

Here, we come up with 3 reasons why the man in your life needs to have a regular heart check. 

1. Early detection. Just like any part of the body, the heart needs to have a regular check-up to keep it running smoothly. A regular check-up will ensure that should there be something wrong or clogged, it can be easily fixed. 

When we have a regular heart check, doctors can spot potential problems from the very beginning. When it comes to heart ailments, early detection can mean an extension of life. 

2. Prevention is better than cure. As with anything, when we have regular maintenance of something, this prevents it from breaking down. A regular heart check can help maintain your heart's good health. 

It's very hard to have maintenance meds especially if you still have a lot of things planned for the future. A regular heart check can prevent this from happening and can help you maintain your quality of life. 

3. Men are more prone to heart ailments than women. This should be reason enough for your man to have a regular heart check. 

If your man or partner still feels queasy, no need to worry. He can listen to the Philippine Heart Association's lectures that broadcast via their Facebook Page. The hosts are Dr. Robespierre Reyes and Dr. Luigi Pierre Segundo, both cardiologists at the PHA. They discuss different topics concerning the health of the heart and they do it in a really engaging and easily understandable manner. 

If you are a man who's already in your late 20s, it's time to start having regular checkups when it comes to your heart. As they say, the earlier, the better so that when you get to your 40s, you'd already be well versed in how you can protect your heart and have a better quality of life. 

Make sure to check their FB page regularly to catch their lectures so that you can learn a thing or two on how to protect not just your heart, but the heart of those you love. 

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