AptaKid Milk Formula for Kids 3 Years and Up

Now that I have a baby of my own, I've been making it my job to read up on formula milk to make sure that I give him the right one when the time comes. This is how I stumbled upon Aptakid. 

Aptakid is Nutricia’s staged milk formula for children aged 3 years and older. It has a unique blend of nutrients, Pronutra for tummy/gut health and brain development. I think that this is very important because babies and kids have sensitive tummies. We need to make sure that the milk they are taking in is the right one. 

It's a good thing that it can be ordered online through their official Shopee store

It's also important to note that this contains Pronutra+, a unique blend of Ingredients (Vit A, C & D, E), LCPs (long chained polysaccharides / DHA), GOS/FOS (9:1 ratio) to help support brain development. Now, I don't know half of these but I do know that these are good for a baby's development. 

With AptaKid, Moms have one less thing to worry about in the growth and development of their kids.