Sunday, July 4, 2021

BNY Style, a Modern Classic Perfect for Teens

One of the jeans that I grew up with when I was a kid is BNY. It's comfortable, fashionable, and most important, affordable. You just can't go wrong with BNY Style and this holds true because till now, many many years later, it's still a modern classic that is perfect for teens. 

My teenage son is very particular about the clothes that he wears. He won't just wear anything. It has to look good on him, feel comfortable, and it has to be flexible. At almost 16, he already has his own style and the BNY Style suits him well. 

It's a good thing that they have an official BNY Store on Shopee. I didn't need to go out, I just ordered online.  

My son loved the BNY denim shorts. He paired it with his favorite hoodie and looked really good wearing it. He's even planning on wearing it to his 16th birthday lunch with friends. I got him the light colored one but then saw that there's a darker one so I'm also planning on getting that for him.

As you can see, these denim shorts are a must have in every teen's closet because it can easily pair with anything be it a polo like the ones below, a polo shirt, a hoodie, or even an oversize shirt.

These short sleeve woven shirt are perfect for teens because it's comfy but stylish while it's also formal that's good enough for family lunch or celebrations without it being too formal for a teenager. This can even be something they can wear on a date, when they are allowed to do so. I personally love the pineapple design as well as the pinstripes one.

However, my son, being the teenager that he is prefers shirts and shorts combo. Good thing this Freedom shirt still looks polished but fashionable at the same time. Mommy approved for sure! 

If you're still looking for something for your teenage girl or boy, or even yourself, I strongly recommend BNY because their style is timeless. Imagine it being good enough for me when I was a teenager and now finding out that they still have styles that I can still wear and that my teenage son can wear. 

Perfect right? If that isn't a testament to how good BNY clothes are, I don't know what will be.

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