Tuesday, July 6, 2021

5 Reasons Why you need to Celebrate at Okada Manila

We all deserve a break and we all deserve to celebrate life and all the milestones that we go through. I firmly believe in this which is why I decided to celebrate my husband's birthday at Okada Manila. It was quite fortunate that they were already receiving guests already when I booked with them. 

1. Luxury Feels

Soon as we entered the hotel, I knew that I made the right choice. I ended up on the VIP concierge and when I realized my mistake, I asked where the regular guest registration was. I was told that every guest was a VIP and so I was in the right place. The front desk also made sure that I was accompanied by a staff to ensure that I won't get lost inside the hotel because it is pretty massive. 

When I entered the room, I was blown away. The Junior Suite was massive. Okada Manila definitely did not scrimp up on floor space and you could feel luxury in every step that you take inside the room. 

From the king-sized bed (or bigger) to the spacious workspace, the jacuzzi in the middle of the bathroom, and the entertainment area, everything spoke of affluence. 

2. The Jacuzzi in the Junior Suite Room

My husband enjoyed the jacuzzi. In fact, he used it twice because it was really soothing to his back pains and because for the first time, he found a jacuzzi where he could comfortably sit and stretch his legs fully. This was definitely a plus because some jacuzzi can be limiting and not meant for people who are taller or bigger. 

I was also amazed at how everything was handled through a tablet. When I say everything, I meant everything from the lights, sounds, drapes, ordering of food, booking a massage, and watching TV. It was so amazing and such an experience. 

This little tablet was the brains of the entire suite. There are also two inside so there's no need to share. One of you can use it to channel surf (such a unique way of doing it) while the other one can order food or set the mood with the lights. 

3. Attention to Detail

I loved the little surprises that they had for my husband. I didn't ask them to prepare any of these and they did it themselves. Talk about superb customer service. No wonder they are a Forbes Five Star Hotel. The attention to detail is amazing.

We had a welcome cake soon as we arrived and then the husband was sent another one when we ordered room service in the middle of the night. Truly a happy birthday indeed!

We had a quick dinner at Kiapo where we tried out their heavenly sisig. Absolutely no regrets with this one as it was simply good. 

4. The Retreat Spa

We then rested for 2 hours and then it was off to The Retreat Spa. We booked a Bespoke Massage because we wanted certain parts of our body to be the main focus of the massage.

For me, it was my upper back and legs while for the husband, he needed focus on his lower back. 

Soon as you enter, you won't have to worry about other people because they have pods to keep you separated from other people. Here, they will serve you tea and some nuts while you wait. 

They also have a steam bath that you can avail yourself before your massage. This is good because it will help prep your body for the massage. They have robes that have been sanitized, hotel slippers, and even disposable underwear for you to wear. 

You also have your own private bathroom when you book the couples massage which is really great. You have your own cabinet, hair dryer, and sink where you can freshen up before you avail of your massage. 

We haven't started the massage at this point but the husband and I were already relaxed. The steam room was so relaxing and I could feel all my muscles loosening. 

When we got inside the massage room, there was another surprise. This time, I was just blown away by how thoughtful the staff was. They had a Happy Birthday banner for the husband and dried roses to celebrate our recent wedding. 

What a service! 

As you can see, the couples massage room was spacious. I really love how big the spaces are because it shows that Okada Manila prioritizes the comfort of its guests and makes sure that there is always more than enough space to move around. 

The Bespoke Massage that we had was PURE HEAVEN. If I were to rate all the massages that I have had and I've had a lot, this would be number one on my list. 

The masseuse had a soothing voice. She was not intrusive. They did not chitchat. She adjusted the strength of her massage according to my needs. Even with gloves on (safety first of course), she managed to make the massage feel like she wasn't wearing one. 

I felt so relaxed that my mind literally went blank and this is very hard for me to do. This time around, it was just so smooth and just truly relaxing. Truth be told, it's even better than the massages that I've had where I paid 5 figures. 

All my sore muscles from my neck down to my arms, my back, and my legs felt like it was loosened. It was just really a spa retreat. The music was just right, the mood light was perfect. 

It was HEAVEN. I would totally go back and avail of this again and again. It is a definite investment for one's body and one's mental health. 

After the massage, they once again served us tea and even had dried fruits to refresh ourselves with. They also gave us foot patches to help get rid of the toxins in our bodies. I am telling you, the husband and I slept for at least 8 hours straight, something that we have not experienced in almost 2 years. 

It was truly the stuff of dreams. 

5. Impeccable Service

When I tell you that a certain hotel or restaurant or staff has impeccable service, believe me. I used to handle customer service and I grew up with a family who is in the hotel industry so I know what impeccable service is and Okada Manila has this from the guard, bellboy, wait staff, massage therapists, and right down to their phone operators. 

It wasn't just the guest relations people. It was EVERYONE. EVERY SINGLE PERSON that worked for Okada Manila that I encountered on my overnight stay provided me with wonderful service. 

Mind blown. I was just so amazed. Seriously. 

It was in the small details such as ensuring that when I am transferred from one department to another, they made sure that there was someone on the other line to reminding us when we forgot our face shield. When we had requests, they handle it very well and I didn't have to make a 2nd follow up. 

When then was a minor mishap on the eggs I ordered for breakfast, they immediately corrected it even when I said that there was no need. It was just so amazing. 

When you pay for a staycation, you are paying for peace of mind, being taken care of, and having your needs met. Okada Manila delivered on all of these. 

I felt so pampered and taken care of. I truly felt that I was on vacation which is how it should be. This is money well spent if I may say so. 

If you're interested in booking with them and I would strongly recommend doing so, you can book with them through this link.

PS. This is not sponsored. They did not pay me to write good things. I am writing great things because I had a GREAT STAYCATION and you should too. We all deserve a break and this is one break you wouldn't want to get out of. 


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