Monday, May 3, 2021

Max’s Corner Bakery Introduces Custom Cakes for Every Kind of Mom

Sometimes, one of the hardest things you can do is to find the perfect cake. You like this design but don't like the flavor. You like the flavor but it's either too big or too small. 

Well, worry no more because Max's Corner Bakery is introducing custom cakes that should fit every kind of Mom. 

Max’s Corner Bakery, the bakeshop brand of the iconic Filipino restaurant chain Max’s Restaurant, is now offering personalized cakes that let fans design their own cake. They’re just right for anyone looking for something special to celebrate Mother’s Day coming up on May 9th.

Many look forward to this occasion as a time when families pamper and surprise their moms with gifts and sweets. What better way to show appreciation and gratitude than through a one-of-a-kind cake for a one-of-a-kind mom?

These custom cakes are made to suit various tastes and personalities with a range of designs and colors to choose from. The process of being able to select a certain look gives people more freedom to create something unique for their loved ones—not just on Mother’s Day but also on different occasions. Creating a custom cake is a matter of four easy steps.

Step 1—Choose the size: Decide on what size you need for your celebration. There are three available sizes: a 5” round cake, an 8” round cake, and a two-tiered 8” x 5” round cake.

Step 2—Choose the flavor: Pick a flavor that you want. There’s Choco Meringue, Red Velvet, Caramel, Classic Chocolate, Mocha, and Vanilla. Two-tiered cakes are available in either Classic Chocolate or Red Velvet.

Step 3—Create your design: Choose a cake design and color palette that matches your liking. Customers can pick from the four different looks: Minimalist, Floral, Drop, and Ombre, each with their own specially-curated range of available hues and tones.

Step 4—Create your message: Show how much you care by giving a sweet message on the cake. A maximum of 20 characters is allowed.

I chose the 8-inch size coz there's 5 of us at home then the caramel flavor. I went with the pink design because it looked so pretty and then I have a special message written on it for my family. 

Price starts at Php 499 for 5”, Php 799 for 8”, and Php1899 for the two-tiered 8”x 5” round cakes for take-out and pick-up. Customers can start placing orders by April 30, 2021, with a lead time of 5 days. Orders can be made via or through branches of Max’s Restaurant located in Luzon with the exception of Palawan or Naga. 

For more information, visit the official Facebook page at @MaxsRestaurant. Followers can also share this exciting announcement with friends and family on social media. 


  1. ohhhh caramel sounds delicious! I want one for my mom's day ; )

    I can't have chocolate, so I love that there are other options to choose from, yay!

  2. That is perfect for mother's day gift as well!

  3. These all look so amazing. I think my Mom would like mocha best though!

  4. Red velvet is amazing, these looks so great. thanks for sharing this. so helpful

  5. This is such a great idea! Red velvet is always a favorite in our family!

  6. Wow! I loved their pastries... I'm sure their cakes will be good also. My favorite are their caramel bars, so a caramel base cake looks like a good idea. Thanks for the lead

  7. Wow, I would love to have a cake like these. I looooooooooooove cakes! And customized cakes sounds awesome and precious for moms.

  8. I love Caramel flavour cakes. They are the best.

  9. Being able to customize it matters a lot. We have a mom in the family who likes German chocolate and that’s hard to find

  10. Customized cakes are so important - for so many different occasions!

  11. Customized cakes are very popular here in Mumbai too. This gives one more options and flexibility for one who is ordering and choices too.


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