Thursday, May 20, 2021

Reflections about Life while Putting Together a Computer Chair

I have never built anything with my hands. when I say this, I mean that I have never put together anything like a bookshelf, table, or chair. When I buy something and it needs to be put together, I always ask someone else to do it. 

However, I've come to realize that I need to learn how to do this on my own especially since there are so many furniture shops that don't deliver items already assembled. So I decided that I would put together this computer chair on my own and while doing so, I realized a lot of things about it that responds well to life. 

1. As with anything, there are manuals and instructions. You need to follow them. I initially followed the manual then thought that I knew already what to do so I discarded it. 

This is something that we also do in life. When we think that we already know better, we stop following the rules and do things our way. More often than not, this is what leads to mistakes that turn your world upside down. 

2. There is an order to things. You need to put things in the order they need to be so that everything will fit. When you miss a step, things will unravel and fall apart. 

3. Don't hold on to things too tightly. Sometimes, you need to loosen up a few things so that everything can find its place and fit. This is what I realized when I immediately tightened some screws and the other screws wouldn't latch on anymore. 

I realized that I needed to loosen a few screws so that everything can fall in place. In life, we sometimes need to give way to achieve a higher goal. If we are too hung up on everything, it will be harder to get everything to work together.

4. Seeking help is not a bad thing. I had a hard time seeing the little holes where the screw went and the husband suggested using a flashlight. When I accepted his suggestion and used one, it became easier for me to finish my task. 

Sometimes, we don't ask for help because we don't want to appear weak but the reality is, knowing when to ask for help is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Wouldn't it be sillier to continue having a hard time when you know that someone can help you out? 

5. Pause. When things become too overwhelming, it's okay to pause. You don't need to fully stop or give up but pause, take a breath and reevaluate things. 

I did this in the middle of putting the chair because I realized that I was doing something wrong but couldn't identify what it was. After I took a  moment to calm myself and take a breath, I went back to working and finally finished the chair. 

Sometimes, you just need to regroup and take a momentary pause to get everything together. 

So those are my life reflections while I was putting together a computer chair. Thanks to my crazy husband who was apparently taking random photos of me while I was struggling through the whole process. 

The computer chair was meant for my son. So glad that he liked it. 


  1. In just a simple things we just realize many things in life. I can really relate to this especially not reading the manual when there is something wrong that's the time I read it haha so lazy me.

  2. You know Ma'am reading your blog made me laugh, think and most of all reflect. By nature, I love putting things up that's why I can relate so much with your experience. And I hope you'll love doing it also next time. My take away with this reflection blog is: A mother is always willing to go out of her comfort zone for the love of her son. Have a great day ahead❤️

  3. I love your picture with the flashlight and and the meditation pose.. I don't really love it but just like assembling things.. Nakakarelate aq dun sa feeling mo alam mo na ang gagawin tas di mo na gagamitin un manual ginawa q un dun sa mini drawer na lagayan ng mga make up chenes.. Tagal q bago narealize na ung puting rubber pla ung parang pinalock nya nghanap pa aq ng rubber bands hahahha.. Ung chair, table na gamit q pandutdut at display shelf aq lang lahat nag assemble since wala nman aq pede hingan ng tulong na lalaki ����

  4. I recently had to build a flat pack bed for my son, I was so proud of myself that I managed it without mistakes (and it hasn't fallen apart)!

  5. There is something so satisfying when you put furniture together yourself. Well done, I am glad your son likes it.

  6. You have a great creativity mind. I am so bad with put things together.

  7. We just got new chairs at work and my boss tried to task me with putting them together. I told her that if she wants to be able to sit on them and have them not fall apart that she may want to find someone else for the job.

  8. Sometimes building a chair doesn't go as plan like the manual says. That is the same with life!

  9. I hate the part when you come home and need to assemble the pieces

  10. True, it's okay to ask for help! And it's okay to take a pause so you can take a minute to breathe and see how much you've progressed.

  11. I agree! It can be so satisfying putting something together by hand. I put together a giant tiered plant stand the other day and it was such a great feeling when it was all done.


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