Saturday, May 22, 2021

Review of the Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Laptops

I have a bad habit of eating while working. Since I do this, it's fair to say that there are food crumbs that get stuck on my laptop keyboard.  This is the same for when I journal, do my arts, or even diamond paint. The little things that fall off can be a hassle to pick up. 

I first saw this on Shopee. I thought to myself, "does it really work? Can it really pick up the small pieces? Will this be worth my money?" 

After thinking it over, I decided to give it a go. 

Today, my son decided to tore an egg apart. He ate it and spat it out and proceeded to tear it into tiny little pieces and flung the parts on his crib. This would have been a nightmare to clean up but I remembered that I had this portable vacuum cleaner so I gave it a try. 

It was perfect. It sucked up all the really tiny crumbs and I had an easy time cleaning up the crib. 

I can't believe that it managed to get all of these small bits which would have been a nightmare if I had to pick it up with my hands. As you can see, it can also suck up even eraser bits and fallen hair. 

I am so so happy with this purchase. It's definitely worth every peso spent. 

You can buy your own here


  1. I am glad it worked on the crib but would like to know if it works on the computer.

  2. No way, I never thought there is such a product (vacuum cleaner for laptop?) cool stuff.

  3. I had never heard of that kind of vacuum cleaner - seems handy :)

  4. I totally need one of these for work AND home!

  5. Oh wow it looks like it works really good! Will check this out.

  6. Umm I NEED one of these!! Going to grab one now.

  7. I wouldn't mind having one of these on hand. Glad it got all of the egg!

  8. Oh wow! I really need this one! Thanks for sharing it


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