Friday, May 21, 2021

Review of Lola Nena's Triple Cheese Donut

I've been hearing so much about Lola Nena's donuts that when the husband craved some donuts, I immediately suggested ordering Lola Nena's via GrabFood even though I knew that the price would be exorbitant. 

I was that curious. 

I paid Php260 for a box of 8 donuts. To be fair, the donuts were heavy and bigger than usual. One piece costs Php32.50 which is not bad for a triple cheese donut. 

The donuts came with an instruction. Heat it for 15 seconds and consume immediately. 

Of course I had to see why you needed to heat it before eating so what I did was I ate one without heating and ate one more that was heated first. It also served as a good excuse to eat two donuts. 

Without being heated: The donuts were just so-so. It was okay and filling but nothing memorable or exciting. 

When heated: The donut tasted so much better. It's softer and with the melted cheese, oh so good. You want to finish it asap because the combination of the warm bread and melted cheese is really, really satisfying. 

Would I order again? Definitely but I'll wait until they have the pichi pichi and pansit so that the delivery fee will be worth it. 


  1. This donuts looks super delicious! I love donuts and I wish I could eat these!

  2. I love Cheese and I love Donut. However, the thought of both together sounds pretty strange. Wow, this is very new to me. Thanks for the review

  3. Cheese and donuts? This is awesome, yes please!

  4. Those triple cheese donuts look absolutely delicious! I've never tried those pairing before so I'll definitely give this a try.

  5. Honestly, sakto lang sa price nya ung donut nila pero d ganun ksarap. Parang ensaymada. Dami pang sugar kahit itaktak nakakasuya. Yung pancit nman nila dun is normal lang lasa. Nothing special wlang meat may konting gulay. If ngtitipid ka saktuhan ung presyo para mbusog ka pero sa totoo lang di naman masarap


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