5 Tools Every Planner Girl Needs to Have

Anyone who claims that planners no longer have actual use has not met a planner girl. They exist and they have a community.  We exist and yes, we have a big community. 

These days, more and more people are slowly becoming more interested in how they can keep their memories or moments intact. This is where becoming a planner girl comes in. You see, planner girls are nost just about noting things down on their planner. It's also a way for them to remember what happened on a certain date. 

To do these and more, a planner girl needs to have 5 tools. 

1. A Planner 

This can either be a digital planner or a manual one. I personally prefer an actualy physical planner over a digital version. For me, there's still something different when you write things down, when you keep little mementos, and when you can actually hold something in your hands. My Happy Planner is my planner soulmate. 

2. Pens 

It's nice to have colorful pens. They can help you keep track of different things you need to monitor in your life. I normally use green for money matters, red for delayed or urgent things, blue for normal daily tasks, and black for work notes. 

3. Printer 

It's really important to invest in a good printer when you're a planner girl. This is one of the best ways to save money because you can easily print photos and stickers from the comfort of your home. 

You can also easily print little notes and background for mementos if you have a planner at home. I do this a lot and it has saved me countless trips outside. My Canon Pixma G3020 is definitely something that makes plannering easier for me.

4. Stickers 

I actually have a cabinet full of stickers and it has been so wonderful being able to use as many as I want to anytime. Mind you that this is not something that I bought overnight but something that I slowly collected over 20 years. 

5. Paper Cutter / Trimmer

Having a proper paper cutter makes a big difference. It doesn't seem like it but when you are cutting a lot of things for your journal, it's very important to have one. 

I hope that this little guide helped you if you are a planner girl or planning on becoming one. I would definitely recommend becoming one because it's therapeutic and helps to keep things in order. Let me know if you decide to be one. I'd love to read your thoughts. 


  1. I love this. I have a basic daily planner for my work at home. I also have a new pot for all of my pens, it just makes my happy and really helps me to be more productive.

  2. Pens and stickers are the BEST part of having a planner!

  3. I need all of these! I love designing personalized planners.

  4. A sturdy printer is always a must, as well as the ink na mabilis maubos haha. Wish I had a good paper cutter though.

  5. I love planners and haing stickers for it made the whole experience so much fun, I loved it!

  6. All are amazingly helpful tools for our planning and scheduling. I like colors and sticker and use them in my daily planner.

  7. Love this - it's given me some inspo for gifts for my daughter!!

  8. This is great! However, Can someone explain to me why are stickers important to planners? I generally want to know.

  9. These looks perfect. I will gift this to myself next month!

  10. I never thought sticker can be that useful! cool collection here, thanks for sharing.

  11. As someone who has a planner and journal, I can totally agree with all of them. These are all things you definitely need and if you know someone who has a planner then these are perfect gift ideas.

  12. I love my planner! All of these tools are a must, for sure!

  13. I have seen that planner around. It looks fun. Not much of a sticker person but I can see people enjoying that sort of thing.

  14. I have like five planners, stickers, and pens. But no printer, I should get one one of these days.


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