Friday, May 28, 2021

My Sinovac Story

Yesterday, I finally got vaccinated against COVID-19. I was so happy. Seriously. 

I know that so many people are reluctant and have questions or reservations but I was all for it. In my opinion, dying from COVID is far scarier than the side effects of the COVID vaccine. Truth be told, I didn't even ask what vaccine we were getting. I just want to be vaccinated. 

When I was told it was Sinovac, I was okay. If they had told me it was AstraZeneca, I would still be okay. If it was Pfizer or any other, I would still be okay. 

It was a very smooth process. We filled out some forms then waited. When it was our turn, they checked our blood pressure, asked a few questions about our health, and were sent to the vaccination area. 

Inside it was very cold. They also had beds available for those who may feel dizzy or needed to rest after. Thankfully, I did not experience that. 

The nurse who vaccinated me had light hands and I barely felt the injection. A day after and I don't have sore muscles. The only side effect that I experienced from Sinovac was sleepiness. In fact, I slept from 3pm to 10pm yesterday and then from 2am to 4am again. 

I feel much better now and no longer sleepy. 

I hope that everyone will get vaccinated and not be choosy on the vaccine that they will get. Sinovac or not, as mentioned many times, the best vaccine is the one that is readily available. 


  1. Love your attitude. I would be fine with any of the vaccinne. lucky enough to have one!

  2. I have been fully vaccinated since May 1st, and I got a moment of relaxation. But now, with the US lifting mask mandates, I feel like my vaccine doesn't even matter. It hurts. I'm glad you had such an easy experience, and hopefully this post puts others at ease.

  3. Glad you're vaccinated. I'm planning to be vaccinated with my fam too soon, hopefully it's effective.

  4. Congrats on getting your vaccine! This is definitely cause for celebration. :)

  5. Congrats mon the vaccine! I got mine last month and feel more relieved! It was a professional and smooth process for me as well ; )

  6. Congrats on getting the vaccine. Japan is really slow with the rollout and it might be next year when I get it.

  7. Amazing job and congratulations. So many people are getting the vaccine and the more that they do the more the flow is contained. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Everyone has a choice (at least right now) and for various reasons some people just want to wait. I understand why some people want it, why some want to wait, and why some don't want it.

  9. I also had my first shot yesterday, i was so happy because i felt that i am contributing to the spread of the virus.


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