Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Quick Review of the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14

I've had my hands on the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14 for over a week now and I've been able to play with it in my spare time. Some of you have requested that I do a quick lifestyle review to know if it's worth the money that you will spend and if it's something that I'd recommend so I decided to do a quick review of it. 

Here are the things that I loved about the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14

First of all, it has a good screen size. It's not too small but it's also not too big. At 14 inches and with a really thin bezel, it's perfect especially when you convert it to a tablet. As a laptop, it's also the perfect size for viewing schoolwork, documents, gaming, or even editing videos. 

The i7 16GB RAM is more than adequate. I am able to process videos and edit photos without any problem. I'm also able to stream and run multiple tabs without anything slowing down. 

The screen quality of the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14 is also good. There's no color disruption and the glare is not hurtful to the eyes even when I was using it for 6 hours straight. 

I super love the touchscreen feature because it is very reactive. There's no delay at all and it runs very smoothly. The stylus that it comes with is also very sleek and stylish. 

Now as a music lover and someone who plays music in the background at all times, I like that the speaker of the ASUS Vivo Flipbook is clear and crisp. Good thing that the battery life is also decent and can last for a while. 

Now, here are the things that I believe can still be improved

As a flipbook, I was hoping that when the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14 would be seamless when being flipped. However, this is not the case for now. 

The power button was also a little bit of a struggle since it's placed on the side and not where it's normally placed but this is a minor thing because it would only be the initial introduction to the machine that would put you off or make you feel a bit silly. 

The stylus pen has no labels. It' was a trial and error for me. I didn't know which was the power button or what the purpose of the other buttons was initially. 


Overall, I loved the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14. The ones that needed improvement were all minor things and all the major things to consider passed with flying colors. For me, this is perfect for students, artists, professionals that need flexibility when it comes to their laptops, and for those who need to do presentations at all times. 

It is durable, stylish, flexible, and can definitely meet more than the basic requirements of an average laptop / tablet user. 

If you are interested in buying, you can get it from their official store on Shopee or in the nearest ASUS Concept Stores. 


  1. I'm on the hunt for a new laptop - this laptop looks right up my alley, no frills but will do the job!

  2. I really need a new computer, this one looks awesome!

  3. Your thoughts about it are good to know. I'm going to be looking to buy somethings new soon and I'm not looking forward to checking out all the options available.

  4. It's amazing how laptops nowadays also function as tablets, truly great for on-the-go people like me.

  5. I love a medium-sized notebook, I don't need anything big or too small. And I like them to fold back too.

  6. Visually, the VivoBook Flip 14 looks fantastic. While the chassis is made of metal, the classic style of the notebook made me an instant fan. If I want to buy new laptop, I definitely will buy this type.

  7. The specs of this laptop is close to what I have. I love gadgets that has flip function.

  8. Wow, that laptop looks like a wonderful product to check out with great features as well. I am always a bit nervous when dealing with gadgets that has flip function so I'll pass on this one.


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