Tuesday, February 12, 2019

5 Reasons why the Zenfone Live L1 is a Working Mom's Dream come True

Sometimes, you just want something that works especially when you are tight for cash but still want to be able to give a nice graduation gift to your kiddo who has worked really hard to pass the school year and is asking with puppy eyes for a new phone.

Presenting, the Zenfone Live L1. 

So, why should you get this for your child? Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Design and Build 

The Zenfone Live L1 is nothing to scoff at. It looks sleek and easily fits the palm of your hand. It also has 18:9 HD+ display in a 5-inch body which is perferc for immersive viewing especially when your child wants to watch his shows on YouTube and other kid friendly sites.

2. 13MP rear camera.

This is more than enough for anyone who is not into heavy gaming nor into video editing. The 13 MP is more than enough for printing purposes as well as showcasing on different social media accounts. What I also love is that the beautification mode is not too much. As you can see below, first photo is auto mode and the second one is beautification mode.

It's also good enough for taking photos in not so stellar lighting.

3.  3,000 mAh

This phone can last 28 days on standby. If you use it with data, it can last more than half a day. At this price range, that is more than bang for buck. You don't need to pay extra for more battery life and when you are a Mom on a budget, you want to cram what you can as much as you can.

4. FaceUnlock 

How cool is it that your child gets to unlock their phone by simply raising it and looking at their phone? When kids or teens are young, cool things like this are a definite added bonus.

5. Price 

Now this is the best part. The Zenfone Live L1 is available in 2GB/16GB at PHP 5,995 while the ZenFone Live L1 Android Go (1GB/16GB) at PHP 4,995. If you still have anything to complain abot after this, nothing will ever satisfy you. It's a definite steal so make sure you head over to your nearest ASUS shop coz you have just found the perfect gift for your kid who is graduating this summer.

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