Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fall in love with #EveryShadeofYou with AVON True Color

Finally, a trend that actually suits the Filipina skin. 

Nudes. Definitely my kind of nude that is. 

The Korean glass skin, the Asian drunk blush, the return of glitter—2018 was filled with all sorts of beauty trends and though they were great creative outlets, they hardly felt natural for the Filipina skin if we're going to be honest here.

After all, we have a skin color that is always sun kissed and we need to celebrate that.

It’s time to go full circle with a fab palette that shows who we truly are. Luckily, the no. 1 makeup brand in the Philippines makes it easier to embrace #EveryShadeOfYou. Avon has just come up with a new line of nude lipsticks from Avon True Color, and it’s as gorgeous as it gets with our natural skin tone.

The new Avon True Color Perfectly Matte nude lipsticks come in 6 new matte shades, covering a full range of Filipina-friendly tones. Go light with Nude Suede, or deep brown with  Chocolate Crush. Explore the various creamy tans in between, including Marvelous Mocha, French Toast, and Lush Cocoa. You can even wear a hint of red with Divine Twig—glam it up while staying true to your tone!

Nude color lippies are best worn when you are just going about your day and want to look fresh but put together, on nights out when you have smoky eyes and want the focus on your eyes more than on your lips, and when you have those days where you can't be bothered so you just grab mascara, blush, and then put on some nude lippies.

Whatever your shade, you’re guaranteed fuss-free color that never cakes, cracks, nor compromises. It’s so easy to wear as Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipsticks give you intense color in just 1 swipe.

The new Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Nudes are available in February for a special price of just P349 (save P50!) or P399 for 2. Go to Avonshop.ph or get in touch with an Avon representative to learn more.

You can also watch my first impressions on my YouTube channel.

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