Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tips for Cat Lovers

They are cute.

They are evil. 

They have claws.

They bite.

They are adorable and severely instagrammable. 

They think you are their pet and they are actually the master.

Yes, I am talking about cats and in this post, we will share information on how to take care of them, what kind of food to give them, and how to make them want to be near you. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cuddle with your cat and them pushing you as if you were infected with the bubonic plague.

1. Let them sleep.

Cats are sleepyheads by nature. Allow them their sleeping time and they will be more inclined to allow you to pet them. They might even rub against you and purr softly while you do it. Their purr has been scientifically proven to soothe human emotions.

2.  They can be trained.

You just need to know how to train them and enforce the rules so they know that you are the master and in charge of their food.

3. They need cat food, not human food.

Cats have different needs from humans so when they are fed a steady diet of human food, their needs are not met. If you don't have time to buy cat food, you can have it delivered. I recommend Pet Food Delivery PH. Guaranteed less than 3-hours Same Day Express Delivery to anywhere within Metro Manila. Products are always more affordable compared to those in-malls and in-stores so it's a win win.

4. Cats can be clingy.

The one thing that cats do not like is too much attention. When you shower them with too much attention, it turns them off. When you pet them a little bit, feed them, and then ignore them, they will then try to win you over.

Of course there will be cats that are simply anti-social but most of them like winning your attention and then ignoring you again. They can definitely be fickle minded. Trust me, it's not you, it's them.

5. They will always choose something over the cat bed you bought.

It's just a catittude. They prefer boxes, rice cookers, and anything that has a certain shape that should not have a cat inside.

6. They are very instagrammable.

Always make sure that your phone can easily take a snap by choosing one with a fast processor and unlock time. My Zenfone M2 Pro has both so it's really easy for me to take my cat's photos. Whew.

Do you have any more tips? Share them in the comment below.

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