Wednesday, November 1, 2017

MsKathyKenny Loves Mobile Apps

One of the things people have asked me is what apps would I recommend having on their mobile phone. I don't know why they seem to think that I know what to recommend since every single person has a different need and way of living so what I will do is to tell you what apps I actually use and find useful as some sort of a life hack. Hopefully, you get to look and say, "oh! I can use that!"

Universal Book Reader 

This is something that I really have on my phone and something that I use. I have over 5,000 ebooks and this reads everything from .mobi .epub .pdf without any problems. It also sorts the files based on title, author, or recently added. 

Google Keep 

This is something that was introduced to me this year. It has become a staple because now, I get to have a notepad, reminder, to do list in one go. What makes it better is that everything gets transferred so long as I am logged in on my google account. If you love writing things down, listing things, or just plain using post its, this is the digital version of all those three rolled into one. 


This may already be on everyone's list but I felt it deserved a spot here. After all, people who know me know that I can never live without music. I almost always have a headset on and I am almost always listening to music or singing along. Spotify has become my go to place when I want to hear about a new song rather than YouTube. In fact, I find that I get so surprised when the song is not yet on Spotify. 

Google Calendar 

For someone like me who has meetings and events left and right, this has become my savior. I put every single appointment I have here and this is how I keep track of where I'm supposed to be at any given time and place. 

Netflix / iFlix 

Netflix is something that I use when I want to be updated with foreign TV shoews while iFlix lets me keep in touch with my Filipino roots because they have a really good line up of Filipino movies and TV series. It's also a great stress reliever.

So there you go. These are the mobile apps that I cannot live without. This list does not include the social media apps which are kind of a basic need nowadays. If you look at my list, you'd realize that I like organizing things and destressing. I guess in my line of work, it has become a must.

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