Saturday, November 18, 2017

Iloilo: City of Love through the eyes of the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro

Iloilo is a city with an old soul that is slowly learning to love the modern times while still being able to maintain it's old charms. Luckily, I was able to see a few sights on my first day here in Iloilo and what a sight they truly are.

Iloilo is known as the city of love simply because they have some of the most mild mannered people in the country. As the saying goes, a woman who hails from Iloilo never ever gets mad. She just gets even. True to their word, I was not able to encounter a single woman from Iloilo on my first day that was temperamental.

Iloilo is the place to visit if you are into mobile photography. I was able to put my mobile phone to good use on my photowalk today. Here are some of the snaps that I was able to take from the moment I landed at the airport till I went around the city. These are raw shots taken using the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro.

I was also able to take photos of an old belfry even with traffic happening all around it coz of the zoom capabilities of the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro. I was also able to find an angle to show off part of the Sta. Ana Church which is currently surrounded by scaffolding.


Sta. Ana Church

As you can see, even when zoomed, details are not lost and it still looks very clear. Now here's a selfie to commemorate my visit.

Afterwards, I had the chance to try the Pansit Molo which everyone has been raving about. I honestly didn't understand why initially but after having tried the Pansit Molo in Molo, Iloilo, I now know why they had a dish named after them. This was also paired with tsokolate de batirol and biscocho.

This is molo unlike any other. The taste is just amazing and it will bring you back to time of comfort, old blankets wrapped around you, and your mother's bossom. It tasted like home. Truthfully, I had two bowls because one of our companions doesn't eat meat and so I gladly took the bowl away from her.

We also got to visit the Museo Iloilo where two pieces stood out to me.

This was the first piece. It was so significant because I have been backstabbed so many times in the past. The most hurtful of which are the ones to whom I have given my whole trust, love, care, and concern only to have them stab me in the back.

It makes you think: how many times have you been stabbed in the back? How many knives are currently behind you?

The other one is this really simple frame that is broken and has a picture of a family. This represents a big percentage of our society nowadays because people tend to give up more easily nowadays. It's sad but it's true. People have become too good at saying goodbye and too easy in letting things go.

PS. I have been told to never leave Iloilo without getting these so I got 10 packs. I trust my friends that much. Apparently, this is the best brand for butterscotch squares. 

You can also try on a headdress when you land at the airport and after claiming your baggage. Take note that this is quite heavy.

Lastly, stay at Days Hotel. It's comfy, clean, and not too expensive. It also happens to be at the heart of the city. This is our room. It's pretty standard and comfortable HOWEVER frontdesk service sucks and this is the only hotel that I have been to that CHARGES you for requesting for extra toiletries. UGH.

Thank you Iloilo for the warm welcome. I'm glad I was able to visit you.

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