Saturday, November 11, 2017

what I once meant to you ....

I was once someone you used to forget her. She was your first love and you lost her so you turned to me in the hopes that you could forget about the girl who broke your heart not realizing that I was going to be the girl whose heart you broke.

I was once the girl whose heart your best friend broke and the reason you ended your friendship with him for you fell in love with me. I was the girl who got in between you and your friend. I didn't realize that you would be the guy who would get in between my friendship with my own best friend.

I was once the KAT that got your tongue. I could make you laugh in a heartbeat and I could drive you crazy in just a snap. I was the Juliet to your Romeo and you wanted nothing more than to marry me. Sadly, I did not want that from you.

I was once the IT girl in the office, the one that you needed to have just to prove a point that you were that guy ... the one who gets the "IT girl." You never loved me for you only saw an illusion and mistook it for a real person. When you realized I was real and alive, you tried to make me dead.

I was once the girl in a coffee shop ... the one you gathered all your courage to meet. I was the girl you couldn't believe was yours. You never thought it would happen and when it did, you became overwhelmed and felt that you were not good enough. To feel better, you seeked comfort in the arms of others.

I was once the perfect one. You and your family thought that I had it all. When I finally made mistakes, you couldn't accept it and threw me out like a piece of trash. I didn't meet your standards and so off I went.

I was once someone you were grateful to have met. You looked up to me until you learned to look down on me. You used to value my words until you wouldn't even listen to what I have to say. You were grateful to have me in you life until you started regretting my existence.

Everything started out good until it wasn't. I wonder ... at the end of it all ... did you ever remember what I once meant to you or did you completely forgot who I was at the beginning? I wonder ... do you ever say to yourself ...

She used to be special ... she used to mean a lot.

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