Thursday, November 16, 2017

Disney PIXAR's COCO reminds you to celebrate Life (SPOILER FREE)

When I initially saw the trailer for Coco, I thought it would be just another cool Disney PIXAR movie that I must watch. After all, Disney PIXAR has never failed when it comes to movies. Never did I thought that it would touch my heart, make me reevaluate life, and shed tears.

Coco starts off with the story of a boy who is the odd one out in their family. The one thing forbidden is the one thing tha tmakes his heart flutter and drive his entire being. In the midst of this battle between family and passion, he will learn what it truly means to be part of a family and find out why knowing your past matters.

Coco also talks about life after death and why we need to remember our love ones who have passed away ... why telling their stories matter and how the living can learn from the mistakes of the dead. It makes you reevaluate your life and ask the question, "when I die, will I be easily forgotten? What will be remembered of me?" It will also make you rethink if you have given enough honor and remembrance to love ones who have passed away.

Coco is not just another PIXAR movie. This is a movie that will touch your heart, make you think, and will have you rushing home to hug your family and tell them you love them. I definitely recommend making this a part of your bonding moment with family and even friends.

If you have ever lost someone, know someone who is sick that matters to you, or just plain don't want to lose anyone in your life, watch Coco. It will remind you of what truly matters in life and why you need to celebrate life. Coco will be out in theatres on November 22, 2017 so make sure to save the date.


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