Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Evia Lifestyle has MX4D Cinema aka Best Cinema EVER

One thing my family and I love more than food is watching movies and TV series. The fact that we all have our own iFlix accounts, 1TB of movies and series, plus our family movie dates is a testament of how much we appreciate movies. The other thing that we have grown up with is Dolby Surround Sound. This has made us very picky about the movie theaters that we go to. For us, there are 4 things a cinema must always have:

1. Great seats
2. Awesome surround sound
3. HD screen
4. Small crowd because we all know what happens when there are too many people 

Living in the South, we’d need to go to Town just to be able to get all of these. We’ve always talked about how there needs to be a new theater that would be just like the one at Town or even better. Finally, our prayers have been answered.

We literally felt everything when we watched Batman vs Superman. It was the whole works from seeing, hearing, feeling, and even smelling. Truly, it was an experience. I can't imaging watching a movie now anywhere else.

After the successful opening of its first movie theaters in Taguig, Vista Cinemas has opened to the public its second location at Evia Lifestyle Center in Vista City, Daang Hari. The four new movie theaters equipped with unique top-of-the-linefeatures are now ready to to redefine the movie-watching experience in the Southern Metro.

Three of the four newly opened cinemas are fitted with the latest and the best in audio technology--Dolby Atmos -- which allows movie-goers to feel like they're part of every scene. Sound produced by the Atmos System is projected from every direction in the cinema and moves with the action on-screen – creating a one-of-a-kind movie experience.

Apart from this world-class sound system, all four theaters of the Vista Cinemas are equipped with luxury seating from the FIGUERAS and LUXUS brands available only in select locations around the world.
Figueras is a Spanish brand that specializes in crafting high-end seating for public spaces. Their seats can be found in places such as The White House and the Philharmonie de Paris. LUXUS is a specialized line developed by LEE DESIGNS. LUXUS is a new and original concept of a lounge chair with a lower, reclining seating posture that provides added comfort through its active back structure and smart operation.
Couples living and working in the area can now also get to experience world-class movie dates. Vista Cinema 2 at Evia Lifestyle Center has thirty-one customizedlove seats that take the romantic movie experience to a whole new level of comfort and coziness.

Best of all, Vista Cinema now brings the first and only MX4D Motion EFX Theater in the country to Southern Metro Manila. This latest evolution in 4D cinema technology features MX4D theater seats that move in-sync with the action on-screen, while special EFX generators inside the cinema make viewers feel every jolt, poke, tilt, plus timed wind and mist atomizers. Vista Cinema's MX4D theater lets residents in the south enjoy the latest cinema innovations without them needing to go too far from home, avoiding the stress and traffic of the busy Central Metro.

The two top-of-the-line movie theaters opened this month are only the first phase of growth for Vista Cinemas. With more Vista Cinema locations all over the country set to open within the year, more Filipinos can look forward to a new era of premier movie viewing, right by their doorstep.


  1. It is proven. For maximum experience, all five senses has to be stimulated. Perhaps smell is asking too much in watching cinema movies, but man oh man, seats that move in sync with the action on the movie itself, and high end sound system that makes you feel you are in the movie, it's probably as good as it could get.

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  2. Awesome review! I love Dolby Atmos. The tech makes movie watching more enjoyable and extraordinary. The only theater I know with this tech is the movie house at Greenhills. Will surely visit Vista Cinema when I go to Tagiug. :)

  3. Wow! Such a great cinema! Super sosyal! I would love to watch movies more often having that kind of seats and ambiance :)

  4. I love watching movies too.Too bad we live in the north.I hope they vould bring it in northern Manila soon.I would love to experience it with my family too.

  5. I haven't tried watching in a 4D cinema but I heard that the experience is quite different from the regular cinemas. Well, based on how you described it, it feels more intense. I'd sure love to try watching at Vista Cinemas.

  6. Wow, come I didn't know that we already have a cinema like this in Taguig? It's so near our place. Like you, we need to go to Alabang Town if we wanted quality cinema experience. The difference between the one in most malls is huge. What more if we get to try this pa! I can just imagine watching Captain America: Civil War here.

  7. I am also a movie goer and yes, nothing beats a good cinema experience. I first experienced dolby atmos in gateway and the experience was awesome. What more if you incorporate it with other cinema factors. I hope I can try it out soon.

  8. Wait- is the 4D cinema available for whatever type of movie? We have one here in Cebu but all it shows are dinosaurs and lasts about 15 mins.

  9. I would love to try this. We seldom watch movies at cinemas though because we wanted to make sure the movie is worth watching and we won't lose out on our money.Lol.

  10. 4D would be too stimulating for me, but I bet my kids would love it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  11. Wow! I once experienced 4D cinemam but outside PH and it's amazing. Big screen and feeling yourself in the movie is one of the best experiences. Perfect bonding moment indeed.

  12. Wow! I didn't know Evia had a cinema and 4D pa. Hehe. I hope I can try this, medyo malapit lang from our place. Also, my family loves bonding over movies too. This should be great for us. :)

  13. It's cool that you got to take photos like that! Very nice! I live near, would definitely check this out

  14. Good to know that Vista created world-class cinemas. I do want to experience this MX4D for maximum entertainment. Thanks for your awesome review, Ms. Kathy.


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