Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nestle Health Sciences: Opt to be Active

Did you know that, the process of ageing begins at birth? We age every single day. That’s why Nestle Health Science has been helping Filipinos have a longer and healthy life. They have released a new drink supplement that can help prevent and fight off diseases and illnesses. It’s not a diary product so even if you are lactose intolerant, you can drink this.

Dr. Jimmy Bautista, Medical & Scientific Affairs Lead at Nestle Health Science, said that the human body has two different ages which are Chronological Age and Biological Age. Chronological Age is based on calendar time while Biological Age is your body’s age. “People who optimize their health may have a biological age that is 10 years younger than their Chronological age,” said by Dr. Bautista. He also said that the presence of chronic conditions may accelerate the body’s decline, making us biologically older than our chronological age.

While Dr. Marianna Sioson, Section of Nutrition Head of The Medical City, said that it is never too EARLY to assess if we are meeting our nutrient requirements. As we grow older, malnutrition increases. We start taking nutritionally oral supplements to live a young and active lifestyle. We, Filipinos, should ask ourselves if we need to optimize our health and nutrient intake to have a full life.

Filipinos always find themselves debating whether they indulge or be healthy and often the earlier prevails. Because of this, they might face the scary consequence of getting a non-communicable diseases. The four main types are cardiovascular, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. We can prevent this by having a change in lifestyle and optimizing our nutrient intake. We all know what food is bad and good for us. Eat more beans, peas, lentils, salad, fruits, vegetables and unsweetened, unsalted foods, eat less of creamy dishes, French fries/toast, food with dressings and fast foods.

Nestle Health Science approves this approach and provides ways to bridge the gap between nutrition and therapy. They believe that the food that we consume everyday has the largest influence in our health. “By shifting the way people manage health and nutrition, we have the force to improve lives around the world because beyond medicine, there is nutritional therapy.”

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