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We were visiting my cousin and his family who was checked in at Sofitel. They told us they weren't impressed with the food they had during lunch at Spirals and that it wasn't worth the money spent. They asked if we could buy Chinese food outside and bring it over to him and his family. When my brother arrived with the food, I went to get him from the door to help him. This is where things went terribly DOWNHILL.

The security STOPPED us from entering. They asked why we had food and so I told them why. They said they had a policy AGAINST bringing of food. I have been to so many hotels and this is the first time I have ever heard of something like this. The security guy asked the following:

1. Who was the food for?
2. How many were eating?


Still, we answered. When we said it was for my cousin and his family, the security said, "isn't that a lot?" He then asked again. He must have asked 3x. He kept making side comments that the food was too many.

First of all, WHY DOES HE CARE? It was like he was insinuating we were lying or that my cousin and his family were "patay gutom" because the food was "too many."

I asked for a manager and they just looked at me. I stormed inside and asked for the manager and ended up talking to STEVEN HEINIG who is the MOST INCOMPETENT manager on duty I have ever spoken to. He was probably 2nd to a manager I spoke to at a local shopping mall but this was more disappointing because he's with    SOFITEL and SOFITEL is supposed to have HIGH standards but this was LOWEST of the LOW.

He told me that they DISCOURAGED bringing of food for guest. I clarified that it is simply discouraged but it isn't not allowed. He agreed. Then he reiterated that it is discouraged of which I had to repeat again that yes it may be discouraged but it doesn't mean that it is not allowed. He agrees again.

FRUSTRATING POINT: He got the paper showing that it is noted that it is discouraged BUT AGAIN, WHAT IS THE POINT? It simply said it is discouraged. Also, does this mean that Sofitel is forcing its customers to eat their food? My cousin wasn't happy. Why should he spend 3k on a meal per person that did not make him happy?

TOTAL MAD SKILLS IN BEING WORTHLESS. The manager did not even walk me to the door. He did not even personally speak to the guard. He "radioed" when he was but a mere 20 step away. Talk about LOUSY service.

It was abhorrent and truly disappointing. I was thinking of checking in for Mother's Day weekend with my Mom and family but with what happened, I don't see Sofitel as worthy of my hard earned money.

The only good thing about this place was the view. Sheesh.


  1. I've read somewhere na if you check in for your wedding preps, your suppliers and coordinators are only allowed to eat sa parking lot!

  2. A friend also shared with us his Sofitel experience-- they found a used condom under the sheets. Though funny, it reflects that the cleanliness policy of Sofitel isnt that impressive. As for your experience, i hope Sofitel gives customer service seminars to their staff .

  3. I have never heard of not being able to bring your own food. What if you don't want to eat at their restaurant? Sad that the management didn't really seem to care enough to talk to you.

  4. That is a weird policy. I would never stay at a place that did not allow me to bring in food.

  5. Oh my goodness! What a horrible experience. I hate staying at a place and feeling unwelcome :(

  6. Wow - I have never heard of anything like this either. I often take food into hotels. Hell, I have, on many occasions, had food delivered to the hotel. I would certainly not stay there.

  7. That's really annoying, it's very discriminating too. I think that's bad practice and this can make them lose more guests. I hope they rethink the way they manage their hotel.

  8. What a frustrating day! Hoping that won't happen again. It's so sad that they have a attitude for their customers like that.

  9. Wow, what a rude staff at the hotel and they lost a customer in the process. Or many because I'd never visit them after reading this.

  10. Ugh! Was planning to have staycation here but this may seem I need to think twice..

  11. What a shame =(, id be sure to not go there.

  12. Wow. Sounds like there was some major miscommunication there.

  13. Sorry that you had such an awful experience. I've stayed at one of Sofitel properties, i didn't remember their service though.

  14. What a shame you had a bad experience! I've never heard of a hotel not letting you take food in from other places. That's just crazy!


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