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Coloring Pencils and my Verdict

First of all, I am not an expert on coloring. I have been coloring for at least 15 years but I am not into the whole blending, shading, and watercolor part of it. I simply color. Since the explosion of adult coloring books, the rise of different coloring pencils and brushes have been on the rise as well. I've tried a few and I would like to share my thoughts on each. If it helps one other person make the right choice in getting the coloring pencils for them, then this post would be worth it already.

Jelly Roll and Crayola 
The Jelly Roll is very distinct and bright. Be careful in handling though coz it needs time to dry. A lot of the ink comes out when pressed so just be sure you do not use this for tiny details. Yes, Secret Garden and Jelly Roll won't be a good fit. Crayola on the other hand glides smoothly but on a closer look, it resembles the elementary crayons that you would use. If you want a more refined look, this won't be the pencil for you. However, I like that its really affordable so if you're just into coloring and not aiming for masterpiece, this would be a good one to get. It even has 100 colors. Eeekkk!

Faber Castell Basic Coloring Pencils
Honestly, I didn't expect this to be really good but for me, this is one of the best coloring pencils that I have ever used. I like the effect of the colors, the contrast when you use the dark ones against the light (the other brands doesn't contrast like this) and the finish. There was nothing I didn't like about this and I'm not even crazy about this brand. However, after one use, I can say that I want the anniversary set and I will close projects left and right to get it. It is awesome. Pricewise, the basic coloring set was pretty cheap at Php500+ for 48pcs.

Staedtler Fineliners 
I have wanted to color this page eversince the first time I saw it and I knew that the finerliners would be the ones I would use because of the tiny details on this image. Even with the finerliners, I made mistakes and I had areas where the lines overlapped. It was a little frustrating and it bled through the page in some areas. For the areas where I had to swipe a lot, a little of the paper came off. Thankfully it didn't tear fully. I would have cried.

Gel n' Roll 
This was a gift from FM's daughter and I can say that this one is another favorite of mine. The gel is just awesome but if you are using the glitter version, I would suggest getting a plain piece of paper to cover the area you just colored unless you want to walk away with glitters on your arm and the possibility of smudging the other areas of your sheet.

Staedtler Watercolor Pencils 
Probably because I didn't use it as a watercolor, the colors here came off a little bland. I just don't know how to use watercoloring pencils so pardon the results. Right now, I can't really give it a verdict coz my usage was not correct.

Colleen 60s 
 The pastel effect is simply amazing. I loved it. I didn't like the flaky residue when I press too hard but the color effect, I loved! This is the Colleen 60s and though I have yet to try the other colors, so far this places 4th on my list of coloring pencils perhaps because it is also quite afforadable at Php530 for 60pcs.

Finally, the Prismacolor Premier Pencils. I used the yellow to orange shade for this and the picture didn't do it justice. It was okay to use and I love all the shades. I actually spent 20 minutes just touching the 132 Prismacolor Pencisl that were sent over to me because they just look so gorgeous. It is a bit expensive though so if you will be buying this, make sure you are into coloring for the long haul.

So there goes my coloring pencil review and below are my coloring pencil collection. Yes, I am an addict.

What can I say? Coloring pencils make me very happy.


  1. Wow sis! I love yor collection! I just can afford the cheap ones kaso pangit kaya wag nalang. The Colleen is nice! Pati Faber Castell pero hanggang tingin lang ako. I will show this to my artist daughter na hanggang tingin lang din sa ngayon kaya charcoal/graphite drawing sya madalas. ☺


    1. Naku kahit crayons lang na simple okay na ... dream ko now yung 150+ na set ng crayola hahaha ... as in coloring materials lang. Nurture her artistic skills, yan naman wala ako. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow!!! A very informative review from a person who loves...again...LOOOVEESSS to color. Colorista din ako and gusto ko din subukan yung shading and blending pero tulad niyo po...happy place ko ang magkulay so ok lang. Pero still...gusto ko pa din sumubok. Dream set ko po ang Prismacolor Premier. Question po...How much po yung Faber Castell na Anniversary Set??

    Alternative ko naman po sa Staedtler Fineliners is yung Crystal Water base Pen (0.4) Ok din siya for Fine details...nagbe-bleed din...almost the same issues ng Staedler Fineliners pero affordable siya. Nasa 12.75 lang per piece. Just sharing... :)

    Thank you for sharing this Ms. Kathy!!

    1. 75k yung Anniv Set :) Check ko yung Crystal Water Base Pen (oh no hahahahaha) dadami na naman yang collection ko e ...

      Salamat sa pagbisita at pag comment. Sobrang nakakahappy kaya pag someone takes the time to comment :)

  3. Aww, love your collection! I was planning to try the adult coloring book; this post really helps! :)

    Cheryle | The Daily Whim

  4. I have never tried coloring. I am not sure this is an activity I would like to do with so many things I am already doing. BUT, having said that, it doesn't stop me from admiring beauty and I happen to think the art of colors is beautiful to look at.


  5. Omggg. Coloring is so therapeutic and I love it!!! My fave has always been Faber Castell ever since I was little 😀

  6. Wow, you have tested a lot of coloring pens! I do like your coloring skills, you blend in the colors very nicely.


  7. Ah. Coloring books for the "non-kids". I like the concept of it. Great job! They look amazing. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  8. Aww.. this is so cute. I am really bad in coloring. I am one of those people that colors outside the line... Hehehe.. This is really getting trendy these days huh? They say coloring can help you calm. Maybe I should try too..

  9. WOW! Grabe your collection of pens and pencils! Haven't really bought into the adult coloring book hype since I just don't have the patience haha but this is a good activity for anyone to tap into their creative side. Grabe, still can't get over your collection :D

  10. Wow, this is such an artistic, you're very good in this sis, super nice

  11. Waaa! You're really an addict to coloring Ate. Your collection literally made my already big eyes bigger! Love how you colored using Faber Castell basic coloring pencils. That's why I use in my coloring books but I have to learn a technique to avoid darker shading. I sometimes press too hard on the tip. Hehe.


  12. Oh wow! Your coloring pencil collection is something that would have my brother's eyes bulging out once he sees. Prismacolor pa lang nabili niya. Ang mahal kasi huhu. I heard adult coloring books are also therapeutic, no wonder it's becoming popular.

  13. wow, your collection is heaven ... I used to make my own comics when I was in college and I often use Fabre Castell color pencils for my art works...gosh I wish I could go back to that old hobby... most of my friends are into these adult coloring books too.. i might give it a shot soon ^_^

  14. OMG! That's one huge collection~ i love it. I have always love colouring it's just that, lang kulang ang time ko to go back and do the colouring.. oh well, maybe it's just my excuse cause as they say, "pag gusto madaming paraan, pag ayaw madaming dahlilan hehe...

  15. Great!! You're really good at this!! and thanks for this awesome review!! :)

  16. You take colouring seriously, and the artwork you did are but "wow!". I never thought that different brand of coloring pencils matter since I only use it just like a highlighter. I learned a new thing today, thanks for this post - Sonnie


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