Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Yawyan F. Alasan Effect

So a lot of people have been asking why I seem to have managed to lose weight and yet still indulge in eating. I always tell them its because of Yawyan but since I am not able to maintain going there 3-4x a week which is the recommended number of classes, I have not been able to fully maximize its potential. Thankfully, I have friends who have been able to and here are their photos.

This is D. He has lost more than 30+ lbs in just 3 months. Of course this came with his dedication and change of lifestyle but he has said time and again that training in Yawyan F. Alasan has made a huge impact on his weight loss and lifestyle change.

Next is RG. He used to be what we would call fluffy and now, he has abs.

As you can see here, this is an unedited photo he took of himself and from having a dad bod, he now has a flat stomach. This took around 4-5 months of weekly training.

Our last Yawyan F. Alasan success story to be featured is the ever cute Nic. She's the perfect example of the girl who people would say, "you're pretty but you could lose the baby fats." Well, she went to the Yawyan camp and if you scroll down ...

TA-DA! She is now one of the most inspired gals in camp and she has definitely lost the baby fats.

In fact, she has turned those fats into muscles and as you can see, she is SMOKIN' HOT.

The trick here is not the number of hours spent in the Yawyan camp. It's about doing the training right, dedication, and a change of lifestyle. All three of them wanted to make a change for themselves and with the help of Yawyan F. Alasan, they were able to do so.

Congratulations guys. All the hard work, muscle pain, and sweat were definitely worth it. For those who would like to know more, you may reach Yawyan F. Alasan for more details.

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