Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pet Peeves about Adult Coloring Books and Coloristas

I have been coloring since I was a kid. I went back to it when I was 19 because it turns out that I had insane mood swings and coloring helped stabilize it. However since coloring was really meant for children, I had to make do with the coloring books meant for kids which turned out to be bland when I was getting older.

To my delight, the last few months has seen an increase in new releases of Adult Coloring Books. Yes, you read that right. They now have coloring book for adults and the signs are very intricate and detail oriented. This one also encourages people to be more colorful in what pencils they use and even blend, shade, and what not.

I was INITIALLY happy about this. However, as with any "trend" people started getting into it, even people who we know deep in their hearts are not coloristas (people who love to color.) I joined several groups and was really happy to see how supportive people were of each others work. However, there were a few things that I kept seeing posted that really got to me and they are the following:

  1. My work is not that good. I feel horrible about it. 
  2. I messed up the leaf. Oh woe is me. 
  3. I hope my partner doesn't see my latest loot of pens and books. 
  4. How come my photo doesn't gather as much likes as the rest?
  5. *insert photo of hundreds of pens* Oh I still need a lot. I only have a few. 
Seriously people? Coloring is supposed to be about relaxing, having fun, and bringing back the inner child in you. We don't want the insecure, stressed, and whiny competitive you ruining it for us. I feel that because there have been too many materials, books, and groups, people just managed to find a new way to dump their emotional baggage and insecurities on something that is supposed to be lovely, stress RELIEVING, and wonderful. 

Coloring is supposed to be magical. It is not about "I did better than you did" or "Oh you have more than I do" or even worse, a reason for partners to fight. When you find yourself hiding things from your partner because of coloring, when you find yourself stressing because your work is not pretty enough or good enough, and when you find yourself stressing because you do not have this so and so set of pens, STOP COLORING. 

It's supposed to be relaxing so if it is not relaxing you, then perhaps you need to find another "hobby" or rather, "obsession." As for the rest of us, lets stay chill, calm, and keep coloring away. 

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  1. I totally agree! The hype made coloring more like just some trend they want to join in and not a hobby they're enjoying. I love coloring before too but growing up really changed our wants. I didn't want to join the trend too but because I got curious of their so-called stress relieving books, I tried it out. AND I ENJOYED IT. It is because I love colors and I love seeing a plain page come to life.

    This is a really great post to reflect on. Will be sharing this for sure.

    Louise |

    1. Thanks Louise. I really appreciate the comment. :) Do share it and I hope that in some ways, this did some good to the coloring world. :)

  2. Ahh. My friends are going crazy over these now. I love to color simple drawings like those found on children's coloring book but this didn't appeal to me. Maybe because I don't like seeing complex things and also because I don't have the luxury of time coloring lately. :)

    1. It really depends on your taste. I've been into the whole coloring thing and sometimes, even with the availability of the adult ones, I find myself yearning for the simple ones. I believe that what matters is that we love what we do, no matter how simple or complex it can be. :) Color away!

  3. Sorry, I disagree. How people perceive their colored pages is each to their own. Some people love to have a lot of coloring instruments, some are happy with a few. I think perhaps, you are stressing too much about people who are stressing too much. Relax, and go color instead of complaining about other people who color and their habits.

  4. Perhaps you are right. As you said, to each his own. I was just actually airing out my thoughts and views on things. :)


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