Monday, October 26, 2015

Starbucks Red Cups 2015

And it's on. The time to get those 18 stickers to secure a 2016 Starbucks planner is nearing and this time around, Starbucks paired with Moleskin giving you the first ever Moleskin Starbucks Planner. If that did not get you excited, the other upcoming collaborations definitely will. Think Swarovski and Anna Sui. See? I'm pretty sure it made you smile.

The planner comes in two sizes. For those who like to see the week in one page, go for the bigger ones colored green and white while those who love seeing what their day looks like should opt for the smaller one that comes in black and red. This will be available starting November 2.

Now the Swarovski mini card will be coming in a box and has 29, yes 29, swarovski crystals embedded on the card. It is SOOOO PRETTY! For only an initial load of Php2500 which you can consume, you get to own one of the prettiest Starbucks card I have ever seen. This will be available starting November 2.

Fans of Anna Sui will also be in ecstasy as they have partnered with Starbucks. These ceramic mugs are definitely a must have. The Starbucks Card for Anna Sui will be available on December 1, same as the release of the merchandise date.

For Christmas lovers, here are the Christmas merchandise.

Most of the Christmas food are back with a few new additions such as the Dark Belgian Chocolate, Rocky Road Cookie stuffed with Oreo, and Rainbow Cake.

The Anna Sui card will be available December 1, the Philippine Anniversary card (upper right) will be available December 4, the cards on the second row left and bottom one will be available on November 1 and the MERRY CHRISTMAS one December 15.

As you can see, I am one very happy camper. Starbucks has always been a favorite of mine and every year, they just keep getting better.


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