Sunday, February 15, 2015

Luxe Aura Face and Nail Studio

One of the things that I look at when I visit a nail studio are the seats. I want to ensure that if I am spending at least 3 hours on a nail spa place, I would be comfortable so when I saw the chairs at Luxe Aura, I felt very happy because it was individualized and it was very comfortable.

It was also a very good thing that they have massive number of choices for nail polish, from organic to gel polish which lasts 3-4 weeks. Since I had an event to attend to, I chose the white and glittery Gellish nail polish.

We started with an espresso foot spa. I know, I know, even with a foot treatment, I go for espresso. I just really love my coffee and the smell of it wafting while getting my feet cleaned and pampered is just plain heaven.

I love that it reaches up to my knees. I felt that they were very lavish in pampering me. I've experienced nail spas before where they only do it till your ankle and I'm always left feeling cheated. Thankfully with Luxe Aura, this was so not the case.

After they rub the treatment on your legs, they then wrap it in cling wrap which was not something new.

However, the hot towel being wrapped ont he cling wrap was definitely something new and OMIGOSH super relaxing and awesome. Seriously. It was just so relaxing.

After more than 20 minutes, they finally take it off and they clean your legs. I love how careful the nail technicians were. I almost always get wounded because I have dry skin on the inside of my big toes but this time around, they were able to get it without any drama.

They also used this LED machine to dry the gel polish asap.

TA-DA! See how my pedicure turned out? It's been a week already and everything is still peachy. I love, love, love this Gellish polish from Luxe Aura.

Thank you so much Luxe Aura for my beautiful nails. It really is long lasting.

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